Endorsers Archive - Rock Treads
Endorsers Archive - Rock Treads
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Ambassador: Jason Mahoney – National Champion – Australia

As soon as I was selected in the Australian team for the Commonwealth Fly Fishing Championships I set about finding the best option for my wading boots.

In Australia I use a combination of boot soles depending on the rivers I fish, including felt and studded felt. However, with the championships being held in New Zealand the felt soles were not an option. I needed something with great grip and preferably not too noisy as I hate spooking fish. After a bit of research I started looking more closely at aluminium cleats and then found Rock Treads. I quickly realised they could be a total game changer and as soon as I saw they were compatible with my Hodgman boots I knew they were what I needed.

The installation was relatively quick and easy. They supply everything you need (except the drill) and all you do is follow the step by step instructions.

After a few test outings on my local rivers I was convinced they would be awesome in New Zealand. Fast forward to the championships and they never missed a beat. I waded into pockets, sections and through currents I seldom venture and they never failed me. Super quiet too. Not once did I feel or hear that annoying scraping over rock that sends fish scurrying under the nearest bank. They were certainly a factor in helping me win two of my river sessions.

While I have not yet a chance to test them side by side with my felts (one shoe with Rock Treads and the other with Felt soles), I am keen to do so. I can certainly see these new Rock Tread soles being used regularly from now on both at home and overseas.

Thanks Rock Treads!!!

Jason Mahoney 2019 Australian National Fly Fishing Champion 2020 Commonwealth Fly Fishing Championship – Team Silver Medalist

Peter Lewis – Manager TEAM WALES

Just wanted to let you know that Rock Treads were an absolute God-send in Tasmania.  In our practice week I lost my footing more times than I can remember but after you kindly fitted my boots with Rock Treads I didn’t happen once during the WFFC competition.  They’re a really great product and congratulations on producing something that does exactly what they claim to do.

Many thanks!

Peter Lewis

Team Wales

Captain Team South Africa

Gerrit Redpath ; Team South Africa World Fly Fishing Championships 2019

Ambassador: Bret Bishop Team USA

I have been fly fishing for over 40 years, guiding for 30. I have been involved with Fly Fishing Team USA for 14 years, Captain for 4. I have had a lot of time on the water to refine the gear I carry and the equipment I trust. There are certain tools that come along that, once I use them, I know I don’t want to spend another day on the water without them. Rock Treads fall in this category. 

Ambassador: Nick Bell – Team USA

Nick, a proud member of Team USA Fly Fishing, is a supporter of Rock Treads and the great traction we provide. A little more about Nick:

My name is Nick Bell. I’m from a small town in western Pennsylvania called Franklin. I’ve been flyfishing for 25 years, starting out at the age of 8. I only got into competitive Fly Fishing 5 years ago, in 2014 when I joined a regional team, “Team Headwaters”. The following year, I came out on top as the first place Individual angler for the Trout Legend Cup Race Series. 2015 was also the year I linked up the competitive fly fishing world with our local Rotary Club. Each year we hold a competition to raise money for the local kids and promote water conservation in our area. In 2018 a brand new National Fly Fishing League was created (NFFL for short), on which I have a board of director position. In 2018 I finished in second place  overall individual in the League, as well as earned my spot on Fly Fishing Team USA. Two of the Regional teams merged together to form a new team for the 2019 Season. Currently I am the Co-Captain of the new ”Team Confluence” .  From 2014 until Now I have medaled in over 30 competitions all over the US. I have fished some amazing places, from Bend, Oregon to Syracuse, New York.  Currently I am working on making the USA Worlds team, as well as traveling the country to Fish in new places.

Fly Waters

Georgia’s best Fly Fishing Content!

Ambassador: Kevin Griffin

Kevin ordered Rock Treads on his own, didn’t seek a pro deal or anything…only to email us 2 weeks later that Rock Treads were the greatest thing he has ever used for wading. High praise from an experienced fisherman and guide. Learn more about Kevin below!

Kevin was born and raised in Georgia and started fishing over 44 years ago.  He is a competitive angler representing Team Dead Drift (Georgia’s first fly fishing team).  He is also a pro fishing guide on the Toccoa River and Noontootla Creek Farms through http://www.bigtflyfishing.com   Kevin is as passionate about fly tying as he is fishing and is a contracted fly designer for Orvis and currently has two patterns (Griffin’s stimicator and Griffin’s Candy Caddis) sold through Orvis stores across the nation.  Kevin can be found at numerous fly fishing events throughout the year such as The Atlanta Fly Fishing Show as a guest tyer sharing his craft.  Kevin spends many days on the river each year and describes the river as his personal sanctuary where all of life’s stress and problems seem to melt away.  
-Pro Staff Member (Team Norvise)-Ambassador (The Simplifly and Rock Treads)-Pro Staff Member (Sage, RIO, Redington and Squimpish Flies)-Pro Fly Fishing Guide (Toccoa River and Noontootla Creek Farms)

Ambassador: Matt Reilly

Matt is one of the fishiest young dudes in the business, we are glad to call him a friend. An early tester of Rock Treads, Matt has stuck with us and is happy to join our team of Ambassadors helping spread the good word about Rock Treads. Read a little more about Matt below:

A passionate outdoorsman since birth, Matt Reilly grew up fishing and hunting the Blue Ridge Mountains and rolling Piedmont of his native central Virginia. The owner and head guide for Matt Reilly Fly Fishing, Matt is now a full-time fishing guide and author based on the world-class waters of southwest Virginia, where he specializes in float trips for smallmouth bass and musky, and wade trips for wild trout in the Mount Rogers National Recreation Area, where wild brown and rainbow trout are the rule rather than the exception. Matt speaks regularly at a variety of venues on a range of topics relative to his fishing and guiding targets. His writing has appeared in several national and regional publications like Eastern Fly Fishing, American Angler, Fly Tyer, Southern Trout, Hatch Magazine, and Virginia Wildlife, and in The Daily Progress in the form of his weekly outdoor column, Adventures Afield, which has seen more than 350 editions. He is also an ambassador, adviser, and team member for Reilly Rod Crafters, a family-owned rod company building premium, American-made fly rods.

Find Matt on the web at www.MattReillyFlyFishing.com

Ambassador: Brian Schmidt of Grand Fishing Adventures

Brian spent the first 11 years of his life in Maine where his father introduced him to the sport of fishing.  In 1987 his family relocated to Idaho, and his spin gear was soon replaced by a fly rod.  Brian honed his angling skills on the rivers of southwest Idaho before heading to the University of Montana. Around Missoula, Brian’s passion for fly fishing and mountain waters grew exponentially. After stints in the craft beer industry, playing rugby in England, commercial fishing in the Bering Sea, and working as financial analyst, Brian landed in Victor, Idaho to pursue his passion for skiing and fly fishing.  Brian has spent the last decade chasing trout through Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. Between ski and guiding seasons, Brian can now be found in the warmer latitudes targeting saltwater species on the fly.


Get a hold of Brian at www.grandfishing.com


Ambassadors: Keystone Anglers Guide Service

We are a group of experienced fly fishermen with the single most goal of sharing our passion for the great fly fishing that Pennsylvania has to offer.  Whether it’s fly fishing for Lake Erie Steelhead and Smallmouth Bass or Wild Brown and Rainbow Trout in the fabled waters of Central Pa we’ve got your trip covered.

Our Guide service caters to the experienced fly fisherman who want to get off the beaten path to find fish or the novice who is just beginning in the sport. We tailor the trip to meet your needs. We are very intimate with the waters we take our clients to and we strive to give you the very best fly fishing experience possible. Please take a minute to browse our trip options and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions. Again we thank you for your visit and consideration.

6415 Old Route 8 North, Butler Pa 16002


Phone Number 724-766-3196

Ambassador: Aileen Lane

Aileen Lane, born and raised in Los Angeles, learned to tie flies before ever wetting a line. She caught her first brown trout fishing solo one Thanksgiving day and that was the beginning of her love for fly fishing. Aileen is owner and publisher of Kype Magazine, an online digital fly fishing magazine on ISSUU.com; owner of MKFlies.com; and Ambassador for the American Museum of Fly Fishing representing Idaho and Arizona. She currently lives in Boise, Idaho and part time in Sedona, Arizona.
Aileen Lane

MKFlies, LLC www.mkflies.com
Kype Magazine, Publisher  www.kypemagazine.com
Deer Creek Pro Staff www.deercreek.co.uk
American Museum of Fly Fishing Ambassador www.amff.org

Ambassador: 801 Fly Fishing Derick Roskelley

My name is Derick Roskelley, better known as Skelly around town and with my buddies.  I am from Mt. Green, Utah and I guide on the Weber River, a five minute bike ride from where I grew up.  I teach Physical Education at a local Junior High school and handle the Athletic Director responsibilities, but head for the water as soon as the bell rings. I was introduced to the sport of fly fishing later than most. My childhood background was throwing spinners and Rapalas with my dad, but 10 years after my first Weber River Whitefish I went all in with the sport and spend all my free time on the water or in my fly tying office.  I am a streamer junkie, and proud of it!  If the sun is up, or down, I always have a streamer rod in my truck ready to go!  Streamer fishing offers an adrenaline rush with every cast and each strip could bring a large, predatory fish out of the depths! Streamers are as visually appealing as dry fly fishing and can be as productive as nymphing and offer a variety of opportunities on all sizes of rivers.  I love teaching them, talking about them, and seeing first timers faces when a fish attacks a large articulated fly!


801 Fly Fishing



Ambassador: Austin Shoemaker

My name is Austin Shoemaker. I grew up in a small town in Western North Carolina, one the fly fishing havens of North America. I am a competitive fly fisherman and fly fishing guide on numerous river systems throughout the Southeast.
I started fishing at a very young age with conventional tackle up to the age of about 13. Then I picked up fly fishing… and my world has never been the same. It opened my eyes and made me fall in love with fishing all over again. Fishing for smallmouth, crappie, carp, catfish, and my all time favorite, trout, has been my passion ever since.
At about the age of 21, I took up the art of fly tying. Coming up with new patterns to see if I could increase the amount of fish per trip became a constant challenge and motivation for me.
I’ve enjoyed attending Trout Unlimited meetings, which have helped me learn more and more about the art of tying and fly fishing from the local experts. I was also lucky enough to start helping stock my home waters here in the Blue Ridge Mountains with my local Trout Unlimited chapter.
As I learned more about fly fishing, I wanted to see where my abilities stood alongside other experienced anglers. I proceeded to reach out to my future teammate about competitive angling. Because of this, I have learned a lot in a short amount of time about various factors that lead to successful fishing, including bead selection, fly size, time of day, and where fish will be holding.
When I was ready, I finally signed up for my first competition. Today, I can’t get enough of competitive fishing and it’s community of well-renowned anglers. I’m forever grateful for what fly fishing has given to me and I look forward to furthering my talent and career alongside some of the country’s best. My hope is to one day be nationally-recognized and respected in the eyes of anglers of all ages and disciplines.
Maintaining the health of our river ecosystems is vital, and I can’t wait to see the next generation of anglers continue to help us restore the well-being of fish species and hatcheries wherever they may be.

Ambassador: Jess McGlothlin

Jess McGlothlin sees her mission as a simple one: tell stories. Working as a freelance photographer and writer in the outdoor industry, while on assignment in the past few years she’s learned how to throw spears at coconuts in French Polynesia, dodge saltwater crocodiles in Cuba, stand-up paddleboard down Peruvian Amazon tributaries and eat all manner of unidentifiable food.

She is a passionate writer and photographer who brings a unique, energetic perspective and approach to her work. Her written word is bright, bold, and honest. She’s worked with some of the largest brands in the outdoor sector, in roles ranging from staff copywriter to annual campaign photographer to marketing consultant.

Subject coverage ranges from Western rodeos to fly fishing far above the Arctic Circle in Russia. She has proven competence covering everything from international advertising campaigns to multi-day survival training sessions in remote, challenging environments to exploratory fishing trips. Her work has been featured in gallery shows from Germany to Israel, and she has received international awards / recognition for both her writing and photography.

Jess has been a supporter of Rock Treads from day 1 way back in 2016.  Rock Treads provide her great stability, an insurance policy of sorts for all her expensive cameras and gear she carries with her whenever water is near.  Thanks for being a fan Jess, we love your work.  Learn more about Jess here: www.jessmcglothlinmedia.com

Ambassadors: Berkshire Rivers Fly Fishing

Harry’s love of fly fishing and outdoor adventures led his travels to Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, and Oregon, where he worked, played, and explored for more than a decade. In all, Harry has 18 years of fly fishing experience, including 8 years in Yellowstone National Park (and Slough Creek).

Harry is a Sweetwater Fly Fishing Guide School graduate. He is also CPR and first aid certified. He is proficient in many techniques, including nymph fishing, dry fly fishing, and streamer fishing, and he will select the right style for any given day’s conditions to maximize your catch.

Harry is endorsed and supported by a number of fishing gear manufacturers, including 3-TAND and Rise Rod & of course Rock Treads.

Passions & Values

Harry enjoys spending time fishing in the Kenai peninsula of Alaska and the Pulaski region. He is highly proficient in fishing the Delaware river, which some would say give one an Honorary PhD in fly fishing. He spends his winters researching new territories, tying flies, and steel heading on the Lake Ontario tributaries.

Harry’s mission is to share his enthusiasm for the outdoors and fly fishing through his company, Berkshire Rivers Fly Fishing, by guiding tours for locals and travelers. Harry’s friendly attitude and passion for fly fishing make him the ideal guide for your Berkshire fishing adventure.

Plus, Harry loves his Rock Treads!!


We are proud to have Patrick as our guide and friend.  Patrick was our first real tester of Rock Treads and his feedback was integral in the launch of Rock Treads.  If you ever want to fish the best rivers in the Southeast, contact Patrick today! Patrick has been guiding the Virginia, Tennessee and North Carolina rivers for more than 10 years, and we are proud to call him our friend and guide. In 2014 Patrick received one of the highest honors a fishing guide can achieve—Orvis Endorsed Guide of the Year, the first-ever in the Southeast region of the Appalachian Mountains. Patrick is proud to endorse Rock Treads not only for their effectiveness in slip prevention while wading, but also for how easy they are to use with nearly any type of shoe! Learn more About Patrick Fulkrod at his website below.

email: Patrick@southholstonrivercompany.com
website: www.southholstonrivercompany.com
phone: 276 492-9614

Ambassador: PAUL DOLBEC

Paul has been a fly fisherman and fly tier for over 45 years. Originally from New England, he
has fished for fresh and salt-water species in the East, ventured from time to time in the West for
trout and steelhead, and has also experienced fly fishing in Canada, Argentina, England,
Scotland, Ireland and Germany.

Paul spent nine years with LL Bean as an instructor in three main areas; 3-day Introductory
Schools, Atlantic Salmon Fly Schools, and the Fly Tying Schools. Paul also worked and lead
instructor and coordinator for many of LL Bean’s “celebrity fly tying” events. Paul also
demonstrated fly tying and casting in the LL Bean flagship store in Freeport ME.

Paul is a show tyer with the Fly Fishing Shows specializing in Atlantic Salmon and Steelhead
fishing flies on standards hooks as well tube and intruder style tying. Paul is an active member
with FFI, ASF, WCFF, SFAOD, and the Catskill Fly Tiers Guild. He has contributed often to
the PA Heritages Days and attended and taught at FFI Rendezvous events. He also is a member
of Enrico Puglisi and Douglas Outdoors’s Pro Staff.

Paul’s first love is fishing for Atlantic salmon, but he also feels that Bonefish and complex Trout
situations are very challenging and also fun to do. Paul’s Spey Casting articles have been
published in the FFI’s The Loop magazine, and he maintains an active status as a Certified
Casting Instructor with the FFI and a member of the FFI Fly Tying Group.

Over this time as an instructor, Paul has developed some practical and effective techniques to
coach and teach people to overhead and spey cast with single-handed as well as two-handed

Ambassador Brian Klienchester

rian is a fisherman, craftsman and father from Rockbridge Co Virginia. Brian is the owner and builder of the Chester Rod Co since 2004, building the best bamboo rods in the business. He can be found haunting any and all waters, chasing any species he can, of course with his Rock Treads on ANY boot or shoe he uses!
Brian is a great friend and covers Rock Treads in the great states of Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois and Indiana.  He is also proud to rep Hardy, Hodgman, Fenwick, ARC Fishing, High n’ Dry Floatants, Cortland, Cheeky and Fulling Mill to name a few.

Ambassador Brighton Ernest

Don’t let his young looks fool you, Brighton is one of the fishiest dudes we know. Whether its in a river, on a beach or in a boat, he knows how to catch whatever, wherever on a Fly-Rod. A South Carolina native, he has been fishing the Lowcountry for flood tide Redfish his entire life. After studying Philosophy, Brighton managed and guided for Lowcountry Fly Shop in Charleston, SC. He eventually left the shop to start Blue Truck Sales Group and now covers 7 states in the southeast US. Brighton represents not only Rock Treads, but also Hardy, Hodgman, Fenwick, ARC Fishing and several other great brands. When not on the water Brighton enjoys bluegrass music, hot rods, vintage guitars, and Mexican food.

Ambassador Dan Short

Dan the Man grew up in North Idaho chasing his family all around the Rocky Mountain West, always with a fly rod in hand. After school in Missoula, Dan guided the rivers and streams of NW Montana for 6 years before venturing out on his own to start Double Haul Outdoors with his awesome wife Jen in 2013. Dan brings strong service, the greatest products and an amazing knowledge of the fly fishing industry to each of his customers in Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. Ask Dan about his Rock Treads and Wade Safer, Wade Harder!


Anthony Marrese has been in the fly fishing industry since 2012. Born and raised in Washington state, Anthony started guiding on the Yakima river while earning a degree in biology. He currently owns High Peaks Representation, managing sales in Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico.

In his free time, Anthony enjoys fishing in the Rocky mountains for trout, as well as the Pacific Northwest for salmon and steelhead. Anthony lives in Boulder, Colorado, with his fiancée Olivia, and he looks forward to helping Rock Treads grow throughout the Rocky mountain region.