Ambassador: 801 Fly Fishing Derick Roskelley - Rock Treads
Ambassador: 801 Fly Fishing Derick Roskelley - Rock Treads
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Ambassador: 801 Fly Fishing Derick Roskelley

My name is Derick Roskelley, better known as Skelly around town and with my buddies.  I am from Mt. Green, Utah and I guide on the Weber River, a five minute bike ride from where I grew up.  I teach Physical Education at a local Junior High school and handle the Athletic Director responsibilities, but head for the water as soon as the bell rings. I was introduced to the sport of fly fishing later than most. My childhood background was throwing spinners and Rapalas with my dad, but 10 years after my first Weber River Whitefish I went all in with the sport and spend all my free time on the water or in my fly tying office.  I am a streamer junkie, and proud of it!  If the sun is up, or down, I always have a streamer rod in my truck ready to go!  Streamer fishing offers an adrenaline rush with every cast and each strip could bring a large, predatory fish out of the depths! Streamers are as visually appealing as dry fly fishing and can be as productive as nymphing and offer a variety of opportunities on all sizes of rivers.  I love teaching them, talking about them, and seeing first timers faces when a fish attacks a large articulated fly!


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