Ambassador: Jason Mahoney - National Champion - Australia - Rock Treads
Ambassador: Jason Mahoney - National Champion - Australia - Rock Treads
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Ambassador: Jason Mahoney – National Champion – Australia

As soon as I was selected in the Australian team for the Commonwealth Fly Fishing Championships I set about finding the best option for my wading boots.

In Australia I use a combination of boot soles depending on the rivers I fish, including felt and studded felt. However, with the championships being held in New Zealand the felt soles were not an option. I needed something with great grip and preferably not too noisy as I hate spooking fish. After a bit of research I started looking more closely at aluminium cleats and then found Rock Treads. I quickly realised they could be a total game changer and as soon as I saw they were compatible with my Hodgman boots I knew they were what I needed.

The installation was relatively quick and easy. They supply everything you need (except the drill) and all you do is follow the step by step instructions.

After a few test outings on my local rivers I was convinced they would be awesome in New Zealand. Fast forward to the championships and they never missed a beat. I waded into pockets, sections and through currents I seldom venture and they never failed me. Super quiet too. Not once did I feel or hear that annoying scraping over rock that sends fish scurrying under the nearest bank. They were certainly a factor in helping me win two of my river sessions.

While I have not yet a chance to test them side by side with my felts (one shoe with Rock Treads and the other with Felt soles), I am keen to do so. I can certainly see these new Rock Tread soles being used regularly from now on both at home and overseas.

Thanks Rock Treads!!!

Jason Mahoney 2019 Australian National Fly Fishing Champion 2020 Commonwealth Fly Fishing Championship – Team Silver Medalist