Aluminum Traction for ANY removable sole/insert style wading boot!
Aluminum Traction for ANY removable sole/insert style wading boot!
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Removable Sole Kit

Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 4 customer ratings
(4 customer reviews)



Add Rock Treads Aluminum Traction to ANY brand or style of REMOVABLE Sole Wading Boots!

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How do I get more traction from my removable sole wading boots? Add aluminum!


This kit is for wading boots with removable soles like Korkers ™ & Hodgman ™ branded boots.


Add Aluminum Traction to ANY sole bottom you want!  10 minute install!


Includes custom Lock Down Screws dipped in an environmentally friendly acrylic thread locking compound.


6  – Small Rock Treads Discs


8  – Medium Rock Treads Discs


8  – Jumbo Rock Tread Discs


24 – Lock Down Nuts


24 – ½” Acrylic Thread Lock Dipped Screws


1  – Lock Down Install Drill Bit (1/4”)
1 – Tube of Red Liquid Thread Locker


Add the best traction available to those rubber soles you have laying around!  Add them to your felt inserts and run in the river!


You will need a cordless drill for easiest install, but at least a drill.


Rock Treads are proudly made with 100% US Aluminum and are packaged and distributed from the great state of Montana.  Our packaging is made from 100% recycled materials and use soy based inks.  We are proud to be part of AFFTA’s #kickplastic campaign and do our part to help keep nature cleaner.



Additional Information
Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 4 × 3 in
Reviews (4)

4 reviews for Removable Sole Kit

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jason Money 2019 Australian National Champion

    As soon as I was selected in the Australian team for the Commonwealth Fly Fishing Championships I set about finding the best option for my wading boots.

    In Australia I use a combination of boot soles depending on the rivers I fish, including felt and studded felt. However, with the championships being held in New Zealand the felt soles were not an option. I needed something with great grip and preferably not too noisy as I hate spooking fish. After a bit of research I started looking more closely at aluminium cleats and then found Rock Treads. I quickly realised they could be a total game changer and as soon as I saw they were compatible with my Hodgman boots I knew they were what I needed.

    The installation was relatively quick and easy. They supply everything you need (except the drill) and all you do is follow the step by step instructions.

    After a few test outings on my local rivers I was convinced they would be awesome in New Zealand. Fast forward to the championships and they never missed a beat. I waded into pockets, sections and through currents I seldom venture and they never failed me. Super quiet too. Not once did I feel or hear that annoying scraping over rock that sends fish scurrying under the nearest bank. They were certainly a factor in helping me win two of my river sessions.

    While I have not yet a chance to test them side by side with my felts (one shoe with Rock Treads and the other with Felt soles), I am keen to do so. I can certainly see these new Rock Tread soles being used regularly from now on both at home and overseas.

    Thanks Rock Treads!!!

    Jason Mahoney
    2019 Australian National Fly Fishing Champion
    2020 Commonwealth Fly Fishing Championship – Team Silver Medallist

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Corey Stoner- PA

    When I first heard of Rock treads I was a skeptic like everyone else. I had been using Korkers™ Alumatrax for over a year and have had gone through two different pairs in that year and I knew it was time for a change. After taking with the guys over at Rock Treads I gave them a try to support an American company and one that stands by their product. Once I received Rock Treads in the mail I set up a spare pair of removable soles from Korkers™. Once I understood how to put the lock down kit into the sole of my boots everything flew like clockwork. I set mine up similar to bars like the alumatrax from korkers as a test run and I have not changed it since them. For the test run I decided to fish them on a creek in central Pennsylvania that I have been known to fall on due to the huge boulders and slick rocks. First impressions were good but I lost one of the disk (All kits now come with a RED Thread locking compound!) and after thinking about I put some 5 min epoxy down the screw hole to make sure they never come out. Since them they have held up very well. To put them to ultimate test is to use them in a fly fishing competition. For me I fished 4 of the best trout streams in the nation less than hour from my house and with this came 4 different streams with different types of bottoms. Some have small rocks while others you are climbing over boulders.
    Throughout the whole 2 day comp fishing 2 sessions on 2 rivers and controlling the other anglers the rock treads held me firm and never let me down. I fished this spring a comp known as a deep freeze competition and the water was high and moving at a good clip. With other anglers sliding all over the stream I remained standing tall even when chest deep in a rushing current to run fish back to the controller. Even more recent in a competition where it is known to be tough fishing and sometimes tough wading my rock treads never left me down once. In the last session for me fishing I had a long beat with mostly fast water. After picking up a fish half way through my session the time started to creep down so I knew I needed to hit more water to secure a higher spot on the placing board. I moved to faster pocket water picked 2 more fish up running them to my controller not far behind me. When I made a mad dash to hit a final pocket that I knew that held a fish or two I ran full speed up the creek leaving my controller stumbling behind me and falling in the process.
    If you any of you are looking for a wading stud that can hold up against anything I highly recommend rock treads. After falling with other studs in my boots these studs haven’t let me down.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Claude Cipelletti

    I recently participated in the2018 World Fly Fishing championships in Italy.

    I use Rock Treads and am able to wade more aggressively and safely to spots I just could not reach without the added traction they provide.

    An excellent product that does exactly what it is advertised to do. Easy to install and customize the pattern to best suit you.

    Claude Cipelletti
    Canadian Fly Fishing team captain.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Chris from VT

    Tried out your product yesterday. Very impressed! I thought I’d be slipping on the smooth granite boulders in the brook that I was fishing in but I didn’t! Thank you! I attached the rock treads to a set of sticky rubber Korkers soles. No slipping!

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