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Fresh install on a set of Korkers(TM) Omnitrax Rubber Soles
Back side look of a Rock Treads install on a Korkers(TM) rubber sole.
Fresh install on Hodgman(TM) H-Lock Felt Insole
Back side install of both Korkers(TM) and Hodgman(TM) soles

Removable Sole Kit

$59.99 USD

How do I get more traction from my removable sole wading boots? Add aluminum!

This kit is for wading boots with removable soles like Korkers ™ & Hodgman ™ branded boots.

Add Aluminum Traction to ANY sole bottom you want!  10 minute install!

Each Kit includes custom Lock Down Screws dipped in an environmentally friendly acrylic thread locking compound that is removable.  If you are a hard wader or a little heavy set, use the additional RED Thread Locker in this kit, also included:

6  – Small Rock Treads Discs 
8  – Medium Rock Treads Discs
8  – Jumbo Rock Tread Discs
24 – Lock Down Nuts
24 – ½” Acrylic Thread Lock Dipped Screws
1  – Lock Down Install Drill Bit (1/4”)
1 – Tube of Red Liquid Thread Locker (Permanent)

Add the best traction available to those rubber soles you have laying around!  Add them to your felt inserts and run in the river!

You will need a cordless drill for easiest install, but at least a drill.


 All packaged in Recycled materials using soy based inks #kickplastic

Made in the USA in the great state of Montana.


Official Traction of the 2016 & 2019 World Fly Fishing Championships

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